DAR YUEN is committed to the manufacture and sale of tablet pressing machine pharmaceutical machinery/pharmaceutical equipment/rapid mixing and granulating equipment. Traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, health food, and aquatic products that are difficult to be tableted by a general tableting machine can be easily Ingot. The ingot hardness can reach 15kg/㎡. Provide tablet machine operation teaching, tablet making process, including mixing, granulation, drying, granulation, tableting, powder removal, sugar coating, film coating, etc., from raw materials to finished products, whole plant planning, tablet manufacturing process, wet type Granulation principle technical guidance, installation and after-sales service. Tablet machine is also known as tablet press, tablet machine, medicine powder tablet machine, medicine tablet machine, traditional Chinese medicine tablet machine, single punch tablet machine, tablet making machine, tablet molding machine, tablet press, and other mixing machines. The price of pellet machine, ingot punching mold and laboratory desktop single punch ingot punching machine for special ingot beating is negotiable. Applicable industries: medicine, health food, candy, chemical products, algae powder, various powder products ingot forming and ingot OEM industry.